Jesus is "a Nephilim," his father is a "fallen angel" ...
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Jos Boersema
2017-06-09 10:02:56 UTC
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Hello. As I was listening to the interesting remarks of Schoebelen *)
about his opinions / experiences with the gangsters in the world and all
this insane ritualistic Masonry and other esoteric stuff (which all sounds
very dangerous to me to be honest, to get involved in, both physical
(criminality) and - say - spiritually relating to your soul), he spoke
of how these Satanic evil things are part of not only Masonry and other
weird occult groups, but also part of the UFO "abductee" sub-culture,
it occured to me that it is all the same including the Jesus system he
beliefs in.

I found it interesting however to then hear him belief in the same type
of "aliens will come help save the world" or in the Luciferian version
Lucifer comes save the world by magic, but now in the Jesus version:
Jesus will "crack the sky" and save the world and rapture everyone. While
it was said about the esoteric groups saying that those who don't bow to
the new bosses will be done away with, possibly murdered, the same ends up
being the case when Jesus supposedly comes down from heaven. The rapture
story is another dead ringer for the Luciferian or alien saviors theme:
the good guys get transported to an otherworldly realm of goodness. To
make it more confusing, the "fallen angels" are said to be "awesome
beings" (I wouldn't know any of that, but I am computing the stories as
to their mutual harmony and credibility). This implies that there is no
detectable difference between: Lucifer comes save humanity, aliens come
save humanity, Jesus comes save humanity. Where is the difference ?

I see one strong similarity: all we simple humans can do, is wait. In
other words: we stay apathic, we don't do anything against our gangsters
and other evil: the aliens, or Jesus, or whatever will come save us. Isn't
it perfect for evil people to have good people demoralized and apathic,
believing they cannot do a thing against evil in the world ?

To make it worse, the Jesus fans are worshipping an idol who has been
born from a women and ... ? Well ? Something from heaven, they claim is
the Creator. The Creator created everything, he has made man and women,
that is how children get born. Why would the creator need to deveate from
that to create another person ? Did he do so for Mozes ? For Daniel, for
Isaiah or Davied ? No. Is there anything in these stories then that talks
about women getting pregnant by something other worldly from heaven ? Yes,
not only is it in the Torah about the Earth before the flood where the
"fallen angels" breed with human women, these very things where talked
about by mr. Schnoebelen even as modern reports (which admittedly is a
bit weird to say the least, however it shows that the scheme of things
is again the same, so why don't you see it, why don't you see that it
is already in your Jesus religion too ?).

In other words: it is all the same story, it is merely being said in a
different way. Old religions, new religions, modern "alien" sub-culture,
it is all the same story every time at certain key points. The story
of new age is the same again too: we'll all be nice from now on, just
be nice and loving. That's just about all there is to the Jesus fraud
system too: just be nice, that's all, no need for some serious law.

I'm not here to say that mr. Schnoebelen isn't honest, he seems perfectly
honest and has a lot of interesting things to say in some other 4 hour
long video, and seems well studied. However apparently the Jesus fans are
so overwhelmed with their religion, that they don't see how it is all
the same again. They worship a Nephilim, or at least a representation
of a Nephilim who is born the same way as a Nephilim: Jesus. Who then
is the other god of the Jesus system, in the pantheon of this multi-god
religion that falsely claims they have only one god, and falsely claims
their god is one, when it is not one but 3 ? The father of Jesus is
then likely to be: a fallen angel, literally the father of Jesus. In
other words: the Jesus system worships 2 evil gods, a nephilim Jesus,
and it's father a fallen angel.

Does that make any historical sense ? Of course it does. The Jesus system
has been catastrophically violent, it has been forced on our people by
the sword and all kinds of massacres, as Rome tried to force this down
on all tribes in Europe because it served their evil Empire. At least to
us it came to the Franks from the 8th century onward or so, and it kept
getting more violent and insane until our forefathers finally overthrew
that madness it in 1566.

Jesus is also a sun-god, and he overthrows the Torah declaring himself
to be god. There is even a picture of Lucifer below the Vatican, etc
etc. There is no end to this side of things, from the self enrichment
and pedophelia of the Catholic church, the abusive dictatorship it is,
to the degrading and idiotic things that Jesus says in the new testament,
ranging from drink my blood, eat my flesh, and be gods, to parables
of how the poor will be made to loose even that little they have, how
he comes to bring the sword, while (admittedly) there are also a few
instances where philosophical morality of the Stoïcs for example has
made it's way into the new testament: "do to others as you would do
unto them." That last part, though most famous, is not Jesus either,
that's Stoïcism, and it's also not in the Torah because the Torah has
objective and not relative morality. Notice that this law doesn't even
work: what if you like others behaving bad to you, even if it is no more
then speak in a rowdy way ?

The odd thing here is that mister Schnoebelen even speaks of how in the
Torah the drinking of blood is prohibited and how he agrees with that,
yet at the same time he also speaks about how the blood of Jesus saved
the world. We supposedly are saved in that blood. So what is that blood
? It is the blood of someone having been killed by the torture to death
punishment of the Roman Empire (putting on a cross) for rebelling the
Roman Empire. It is a blood sacrifice, it is similar to satanic ritual
abuse, to put it that way. The supposed good guy is murdered, and that
blood saves us ? Let's say that Jesus was a representation of rebels
of Rome in that instance, how does killing someone who is against the
evil Roman Empire save us ? If anything it makes humanity guilty of yet
another brutal and injust murder (and I mean that not under Torah law for
the specific case of Jesus, but even while Jesus in that story breaks
the Torah law and basically commits offenses punishable by death such
as being a false prophet and even a false god (which is insanity IMHO,
to claim to be god), torturing to death on a cross isn't a method of
the death penalty in the Torah and therefore to put him to death that
way seems to still a crime under Torah law).

Is there nothing good then in the western nations ? I think things
have become mixed up. We know about the good Tanach (so-called "old
testament"), and we have the idiot and absurd, violent and degrading
systems of control like these mad ritualistic religions, and then
there is a lot of crazy stuff that is less sinister but probably still
unhealthy. When the Vatican made up the Jesus lies, they added them to
the Torah, creating a mix.

Many Jesus idolators, despite worshipping a Nephilim (or Nephilim
representation), and a fallen angel who is it's father (more or less
they worship Lucifer), are still influenced by the Tanach. There is so
much morality there, that it has an influence. The psalms, the story,
the laws, and the different concept of the Creator, it causes that rather
then engage in killing children while having orgies in church, the Jesus
fans are singing and trying not to steal and lie. Many a Jesus fan might
even succeed in that. Presumably the Tanach influence (that's the "old
testament" in Jesus jargon, but it's not old and neither a testament)
is stronger in the Protestant churches, because they read it whereas the
Catholics don't read it and just worship their ultimately dictatorial and
gangster Luciferian system of priesthood, which at the Vatican reportedly
is the most horrifying Satanism (which I think is probably true, as that
I think that this is how gangsters work to maintain and verify control
over people.)

The Torah is different from all this babble of saving Jesus and the
worship of idols. It has a good number of laws, including clear economic
laws such as that every person has a right to free land (every Jewish
citizen anyway, that whole Nation). Laws for loans, family purity law,
decent behavior law, what is right and what is wrong, etc. It's not only
or even at all about singing songs and worshipping something, which is
basically what all these idolatry religions are exclusively about.

When did a church or the cult of Zeus do something like give all
people their land fo free, etc ? In the sense of "we can sit on our
hands until Lucifer / Jesus / The ascended masters / Satan / the aliens
come save us all ..." it is true that the Torah also has a story of the
re-establishment of Israel in it's redeemed state by a moshiach, but this
is merely a human, not a god, and depends strongly on hard direct action
by the Jewish people themselves, and many who don't do their best in that
and who aren't moral enough, won't be part of it. Many people don't seem
to understand that Israel has had many moshiachs already. It's something
like the Chief of the Army, it seems. What that exactly means is described
in law. I don't see that as a system of apathy, but it is more like a
system of action. What is restored exactly: the Sovereignty of Israel in
the land, under the law, and for and by the just and moral part of the
people. That's it. What happens then ? Life happens. People marry, live
and work, etc. (My interpretation anyway.) Why not ? Look at the world,
see how pretty it is. All we'd need is for humans to behave better and it
would be paradice, wouldn't it ? If not the whole world, perhaps a nation
or even several, etc. It is all part of history. Israel was redeemed
out of Egypt, and now hopefully soon it will redeem itself out from the
American world Empire too, and defeat it's own internal corruption.

(Sorry i make it too long. I don't see how it is possible to say something
and make a reasonably well build argument around it, in a few sentences

*) Exposing The Illuminati From Within (Part 1 of 2)

Relevance to SCJ: not sure, I guess it's about the Torah in part.
The above video, although by a Jesus fan, may be interesting for those
who may want to know how this insane Illuminati gangster system might
be functioning, and thinks about itself, by someone who claims to have
been deeply embedded in it. I found some parts rather unsettling, and
probably not fit for young people. The use of knowing it is more or less
only if you want to actively destroy this gangster system, and bring them
to court somehow, and clean up the courts themselves for that matter.

Masonry should probably be made illegal, if it can be proven they are
swearing illegal oaths. Swearing to hurt / kill someone for breaking an
oath is criminal, end of story. Ban masonry, it's a criminal group
merely for the oaths itself (if that can be proven in court). The other
insane esoteric groups can be worse, hence they of course also should
be banned. Extreme crimes seem to take place in these secret organizations.

I guess it can be useful to defend the Torah from Jesus missionaries,
by pointing out the various absurdities in their idolatry. I guess it's
another fun little trivia fact that the Jesus fans worship a Nephilim,
and that their "father god" is apparently a fallen angel. That also
works quite well with the way the Jesus fans portray their god, as an
angry large man in the clouds, sometimes with a harem (!), sometimes
even with naked children (speaking of pedophelia ...).


Why is this world so insane ? Why can't people keep and understand good
law, live together peacefully and constructively, so that we could busy
ourselves with our crops or some other things like that, rather then
constantly having to worry about this massive evil in the world, and the
strategic direction of our nation as a whole.
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Steve Hayes
2017-06-09 17:37:02 UTC
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Jesus is "a Nephilim," his father is a "fallen angel" ...
"A" nephilim? "A" nephilim?

Don't you know that "nephilim" is plural?

No need to read any further.
A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
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Jos Boersema
2017-06-12 07:08:51 UTC
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Post by Steve Hayes
Jesus is "a Nephilim," his father is a "fallen angel" ...
"A" nephilim? "A" nephilim?
Don't you know that "nephilim" is plural?
No need to read any further.
Granted, do whatever you want. I see 2 kinds of people though: some
who are primarely interested in worshipping authority, and others who
look for the arguments. Both work a little different psychologically.

Those who worship authority always look for signs of perceived
intelligence or trustworthyness of some kind, or perhaps if they can
sense that there is a lot of money there (which is how Trump can get
elected). Then when they have made the decision that there is money
somewhere, or credibility, they will lap up every crazy idea they hear.
This is how Einstein can get famous: the mass media wanted it, there
is your money behind it. It doesn't matter at that point if the arguments
are insane, the authority worshipping crowd laps it up as fresh strawberries.
This group would *never* care for *anything* that someone says or writes,
who makes spelling mistakes, or who is officially crazy, or who just wears
a hat they don't like.

The other group looks for argument itself. This is a lot harder to do,
because one needs to study before knowing, and where one person can be
brilliant in one area, someone can be stupid and wrong in another. For
this kind of person the argument or insight or pretended insight stands
apart from whoever is saying it. However it isn't that simple either,
because when it comes to direct witnessing of events then the person
in question does come into it. Then the credibility of the person, their
honesty and so on, comes back into play. Not their wealth though, but
their honesty and keenness.

Having said that, there is one factor at play as well, and that is that
there is so much information in the world that it becomes necessary to
quickly triage what may be interesting and what might not be. That leads
to superficial appearances becoming a reason to reject entirely what
someone might be saying, because some mistake leads to the idea that it
will probably all be trash anyway. That is not an unreasonable way to
handle things, although it can lead to certain mistakes and letting
possibly good things go unnoticed.

Since I'm already internationally published, as well as nationally, with
democratic computer software, I don't worry too much about people not
caring because they have all the reasons already to think there might
be something other that is of interest being done by me personally. That
should already have broken that barrier, if not for many then perhaps for
a few.

Most people however worship the mass media and wealth, the wealth behind
it, the perceived authority and credibility of that overall mass media
gangster system. Needless to say there are powerful interests who do not
want peace on this planet, who do not want something as laughable as the
Jesus fraud system exposed, or have people thinking about a serious economic
system such as it is described in the Torah; or indeed on my website if
you want (which is a quite similar system: land is free for all in both,
and there are restrictions on loans).

I don't mean to compare myself with Mozes of course, but in terms of a
precedent it is said that Mozes couldn't speak well or something like that.
Yet the Torah is still here. Incidentally there are other important reasons:
if I do everything perfect, and let's say the revolution I promote will work
well, it would possibly be a bigger event then the Torah was (although it
is also a continuation of it in some sort of way). If it works well (I
realize that is a big if for someone who hasn't studied it), the world
might never be the same again for the better. From there it is but a small
step and the idolators in the world will declare that I am a god and they
will then worship me. Not because I'm that good, but because they have
that want to do idolatry. It's more like a psychological rape. Idolatry
is an attack line against democracy, it can destroy everything. It is an
imbalance which is exploited by the enemy. Although I don't make spelling
errors on purpose (I'm worse in Dutch by the way lol), it helps on that
vector. It proofs I don't do everything perfect.

It's easy for someone like you to say "that's just crazy," and I understand,
but you're not trying to create some sort of Revolution or deep Reform,
and so you don't have to face problems like this, or do you.

Is Nephil even a word ? I wouldn't know. Perhaps I should have used a
common english word. I don't even know what they exactly mean with
Nephilim, but the point is simple enough: if Jesus doesn't have a normal
human father, then the only precedent for that is the story about how
the "sons of God" or somesuch, where breeding with human females, to
produce a race of giants or somesuch. The logic is pretty simple then:
Jesus is a representation of such a creature. That would imply that more
or less within Jesus system thinking, that Jesus is a deeply immoral
'giant' creature, and that the "father god" of the Jesus system is one
of those "fallen angels." In the sense that the Jesus system worships
that "father god" as the "highest," the obvious candidate (again: within
standard Jesus thought, except I add this view into it) for the highest
creature that might have created offspring with human females before
the flood then becomes the King of those fallen angels, which in turn
has to be Lucifer or Satan. The Jesus system worships: a giant, as
before the floodrdand their father-god is Satan. It all seems quite
straigthforward to me. Jesus fans don't care for logic however, they
fall in the category of the authority worshipping kind ("belief belief"
is all they say ... just "belief" then that will "save you").

Does it make sense that the Vatican, the Roman Empire, worships Satan ?
Of course it makes sense. For the rest of the arguments I'll refer to
the other posting.
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Jos Boersema
2017-06-12 07:25:58 UTC
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Post by Jos Boersema
Post by Steve Hayes
Jesus is "a Nephilim," his father is a "fallen angel" ...
"A" nephilim? "A" nephilim?
Don't you know that "nephilim" is plural?
No need to read any further.
Does it make sense that the Vatican, the Roman Empire, worships Satan ?
See here for how serious the Vatican takes their snake worship:

Disregard its title, it is about a building in Rome that was or is
some sort of audience hall for the pope. It is build to mimmick a
snake head. That this is not an accusation of an over active imagination
is IMHO proven by the way the pillars are shaped into the fangs of the
snake. Everything else could be accidental, however those pillars on
the podium are too much to write off as coincidences. Within the
logic of the Jesus system, the snake represents more or less the side
of Satan, or even is Satan (such things are not well defined).

They know perfectly well what they are in to: they worship a demonic
entity - real or imagined, I can't judge that - as god. It doesn't
matter to me if it's real or imagined, because even if it is imagined
it leads to criminal activity. The point is the criminal activity. They
need to be brought to justice for it. Another problem with this kind
of mass cults is that it saps energy that people need for serious
matters of economics and politics.

If however the people really need to 'worship' something in order not
to start murdering each other in the street all day (would they ?),
why do they have to worship Satan ? Why the worst ? I guess it is a
form of punishment in one sense, and in another sense most common Jesus
fans don't even know that they worship Satan. They have other ideas,
and thereby can be said to be somewhat apart from this evil at the
Vatican and in the Jesus "new testament" book. Still one can wonder
if it is a good idea to have a religion that is about worshipping
Satan directly or indirectly, and a religion that is a lie. I don't
think it is a good idea.

This world is sick with the amount of lies that are in it.
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